We constantly work on redesigning and creating financial products and services that adapt to the needs of effectively managing your financial resources.

We seek a simple and efficient way to make the most of your company's liquidity resources, concentrating our efforts on reducing risks, seeking continuous improvement of your organization and financial structure, combining income flows with your company's obligation profile.

Cash Management

  • Buy Sell US Dollar

    Provide your company with free access to the most competitive exchange rate in the market through the purchase and sale of financial assets.

  • Repos

    Optimize the placement of short-term surplus pesos at higher rates in Stock Bonds through the MAV and BYMA.

  • Mutual Funds

    Access to a wide offer of various agreements with the best Common Investment Funds of various Fund Manager Companies for all placements in different currencies, terms and instruments.

    Mutual Funds

Working Capital

  • Repos

    Access to the best short-term financing rates by taking pesos through either through the MAV or the BYMA.

  • Deferred Checks

    Access to lower financing rates than those available in the traditional banking system, by discounting Deferred Payment Checks or Promissory Notes guaranteed by an SGR (Reciprocal Guarantee Society).

  • Electronic Credit Invoices

    Have better financing conditions for micro, small and medium-sized companies that allow them to increase their productivity, through the early collection of credits and receivables issued to their clients and / or debtors.

  • Echeqs

    We simplify the operation of the check portfolio by managing collections and endorsements from online banking systems.

  • Financial Instruments

    Take advantage of medium and long-term financing through the issuance of structured products, financial trusts and negotiable obligations.