At Columbus Zuma Investment Banking we manage to combine our global coverage with our specialized local presence, in order to offer prompt execution solutions tailored to each client.

We provide permanent and continuous liquidity in the various financial assets, always optimizing the execution of purchase and sale orders. Our Institutional Sales team aims to accompany clients through their commercial and investment strategies, developing long-term relationships of trust.


In addition to providing Trading services to our Wealth Management and Corporate Sales sector, we serve wholesale clients such as insurance companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, and private banking agencies, both local and foreign.

  • Fixed Income
    • Public Securities: Bonds in Pesos (BADLAR, CER, Fixed Rate), Bonds in USD, Bonds in Euros, USA Treasuries.
    • Corporate Bonds
    • Provincial Bonds
    • Municipal Bonds
  • Variable Income

    Either using our Columbus Zuma App, or personally with our account executives, we offer access to the Stock market equities, ADR’s (Foreign Market Shares) and CEDEAR’s.

  • Currency Hedges

    Rofex Futures: We provide access to the Rofex market allowing our clients to cover their variable needs on the future exchange rate.

  • Structured Products

    We distribute products tailored to the needs of each client according to the management profile of their liabilities.

  • Authorized Markets

    All operations are processed through the following authorized markets.


Our sales efforts connects the financial resources and Bonds issues, Trusts, or financing structures of Companies, Multinational Corporations with our institutional clients, such as banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, money managers, pension funds, mutual funds and private banking agencies.

Sales executives help institutional clients achieve their particular investment objectives, giving them not only product expertise but also access to new products that meet the demand for new debt issues.